ReNew your Home. ReNew your Spirit

We get inspiration from what surrounds us, whether it’s conscious or unconscious, we absorb atmosphere. So if we want more energy, it’s good to take a look where we spend our down time. So renew your Home. ReNew your spirit. Let the light shine in … by color, by placement and by design.

Are you Ready to let in the light?

Make the biggest change first and then work in the little touches.

1. Paint you walls a happy color, like Blonde by Sherwin Williams (see above photo). If your walls are dark muddy colors, that’s where you are. Dark absorbs light and a lighter color reflects and shares light. In Spring, we are trying to energize, not absorb. Winter is a time to huddle and cuddle in warm dark colors. But now it’s Spring, and we need to choose light and reflect the energy in our home.

2. Change out your area rug and pillows, which renews tired, worn furniture

3. Consider rearranging your furniture so that you are facing natural light and feel those warm sunrays.

4. Adding colorful drapery where you once had none, as it lifts the eyes and can actually make the room feel more spacious. The more open, the more light. Let it in!

5. Add a spring fragrance, like Orange Blossom from Nest Candle Group. It enhances the senses and opens the mind.

6. Floral arrangements can be tired, too. Think yellow, Forsythia or Red Bud branches or White Orchids, bring some nature in. Silk or real, it still adds that special freshness.

When you brighten the furnishings in your home, you create a lighter, happier atmosphere, which creates more energy for yourself and your precious family.

At Diane Crowder Designs, I’m there to help empower you to feel welcome and comfortable in your own home. Let me help you ReNew your home and I can personally guarantee, your spirit will immediately follow. Lets get started, today.